Esplanade Armand-Niquille

Jean-Robert Gisler et al.

Esplanade Armand-Niquille

Fondation Armand Niquille 2022
Publication edited on the occasion of the inauguration of the Esplanade Armand-Niquille. Richly illustrated, it is written by fifteen very different authors, such as former students of the artist, who was then a drawing teacher at Saint-Michel College, who reveal memories and anecdotes tinged with humour and affection. A contribution retraces the history of this place through the centuries, while other personal testimonies complete the portrait of Armand Niquille. Available in French or German CHF 20.00
Pro Fribourg

Armand Niquille. Des réalités rêvées (Dreamed Realities)

Pro Fribourg N°193 December 2016
Monograph on Armand Niquille on the twentieth anniversary of his death. Through the perspective of a dozen authors—writers, historians, art historians, theologians, and artists—the different subjects treated by the artist, Niquille, come to a new light. CHF 25.00
Claude Luezior

Armand Niquille, artiste-peintre au cœur des cicatrices (Painter at the Heart of Scars)

L'Hèbe, 2015
Fictionalized biography of Armand Niquille by the Fribourg author Claude Luezior, student, friend, and admirer of the artist. CHF 30.00
Jacques Biolley

Armand Niquille. Réalités et images du sacré (Reality and Images of the Sacred)

Lausanne, 1996
Elaborately illustrated work written and composed by Jacques  Biolley of late paintings by the artist that evoke his vision of “reality” and of “images of the sacred”. CHF 60.00
Michel Terrapon and Anton Bertschy

Armand Niquille

Publication on the occasion of the second solo exhibition of Armand Niquille at the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Fribourg. French text by Michel Terrapon and German text by Anton Bertschy. Collection Artistes fribourgeois n°3, 1976
Armand Niquille

Le Veilleur de solitude. Fragments et état de poésie

Editions La Sarine, 1992
In this volume Niquille gives us his thoughts and intimate reflections on his faith, his paintings, his approach to the real and religious world.  Work published for his 80th birthday.
Claude Luezior

Armand Niquille, maître de lumière (Master of Light)

Editions La Sarine, Fribourg, 2006
Ten years after the death of the artist, 60 formerly unknown works by Niquille are presented and commented on by Claude Luezior.   At the end of the volume is an illustrated biography of the artist’s career.  Included is a DVD of the film “Niquille, peintre de l’essentiel” (Painter of the essential), directed by Jacques Michel in 1992 (32’). CHF 100.00
Etienne Chatton, Jacques Biolley

Armand Niquille. Des réalités aux symboles et aux images de la foi (From Reality to Symbol and to Images of Faith)

Editions Fragnière, Fribourg, 1989
Collected texts by seven experts of Niquille’s work: Roland Ruffieux, Etienne Chatton,  Claude Pochon, Claude Macherel, Walter Tschopp, Luc F. Dumas, and Jacques Biolley. Postscript by Bishop Pierre Mamie CHF 60.00  
Claude Pochon

Armand Niquille

Les Fontaines 1981
Monograph on Armand Niquille by Claude Pochon. The author, himself an art critic, connoisseur and amateur of the artist’s work, delivers a fine and delicate study of his oeuvre, approaching it through the theme of the duality between the diurnal and nocturnal paintings.  
Musée d'art et d'histoire de Fribourg

Armand Niquille

Editions universitaires Fribourg, 1966
Catalog published on the occasion of the first solo exhibition of Armand Niquille at the Art and History Museum of Fribourg in 1966. Forward by Marcel Strub, texts by Roland Ruffieux, professor of history at the University of Fribourg, and Fred de Diesbach.